Have you ever had this happen to you... You are a brilliant Sims architect, you sit at your fancy architect desk and think, “How can I torture my FreePlay Sims in elaborate new ways?”  If you think like this, then this is the house for you! Sure, you can lock them in a room with no doors, but that takes the real fun out of it. I had a dream — I wanted to build a place that would take forever (which in human time means at least two minutes) for my sim to travel from one point to another. I wanted to see the sweat on her brow, the heaves and gasps of breath from the steps she would have to walk. (Ok so none of that can technically ever happen, but I can dream right?)

Did I mention she was pregnant? (Yeah, that wasn’t planned). So there was also that. I should probably account for the time difference in my calculations.

Yes, this would be my most elaborate build ever constructed in Simsland. I would call it my craziest build, but there are so many it’s hard to pick the absolute most insane one. This one is up there though.   Sometimes, while sitting at that fancy architect desk I dream of being a scientist—well more like a a mad scientist—so I will say is that it was honestly all for science. I’m that dedicated.  

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